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1. Be Respectful

Don't be unnecessarily rude or disrespectful to other people on the forum. Disagreements on a particular topics are fine but personally attacking someone isn't. Disrespecting mods/admins is not tolerated and keep racism out of arguments too.

2. No underage nudity

Please don't post anything you think looks underage. You may contact a mod/admin if the picture/video looks questionable and they will tell you if it's postable or not.

3. Request appropriately

Please do not post random women no one has ever heard of or who don't sell content that can be verified. All requests should be in the requests channels.

4. No links to other websites/discords

Links promoting other websites/discords are not allowed anywhere on the forum and if found by a mod/admin, it will not be tolerated and will result in a kick/ban.

5. No spamming

Occasional repeating of questions/requests are fine but try not to ask the same questions/requests over and over again. If someone doesn't respond to your questions/requests just be patient and wait for an answer.

6. No scamming

An attempt to scam anyone in the server will result in an immediate ban from the website, scam attempts with proof can be shown to moderators.

7. Agreement

Joining the server is a direct agreement to any rules stated on this page.

8. Exploiting rules

No exploiting loopholes in the rules (please report them)

9. Moderator rights

Moderators reserve the right to delete or edit any post if they think doing so is right

10. Language

Please keep all conversations in English.

11. Ads on links

Ads can only be placed from admin accounts, users bypassing this rule will be banned.